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نحن مجموعة من الاخصائيين والاستشاريين وبعد استبيان عينة اراء للاطباء العاملين باقسام تنقية الدم تم التنسيق واعتماد منح دبلوم تخصصي في تنقية الدم بدعم من مركز تنمية القوى العاملة الطبية بوزارة الصحة

Badreddin Shaibani Trainer Photo not available Phone Number : 0913017527    E-Mail :

Personal data:

Name: Badreddin Shabaan Mohamed Shaibani 

Date of Birth:14/09/1959

Marital Status: Married + 5 children

Residence: Azzawiyah _Libya

Phone: 0913017527

Email: ,



• Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery 1983 Benghazi University, Libya 1983

• PhD in Nephrology and Transplantation 1999 Warsaw Medical Academy Poland

• MD 2000 Warsaw Medical Academy Poland

• Diploma of quality of health care in 2009 Libya

• Courses in Government Administration, Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government, Dubai, 2013



Arabic/ English


Professional life:

Doctor at Benghazi Children's Hospital from 1984 until 1985.

Doctor at AlKhadra Hospital and Salahuddin Hospital from 1985 until 1986.

Doctor at General National Maritime Transport Co, (GNMTC)from 1986 until 1988.

Doctor at Al Zahra Hospital from 1988 until 1994.

Specialist doctor at Zahra Hospital from 2000 till 2009.

Consultant at Zawia Teaching hospital from 2009 until 2012.

Consultant at Azzawiyah Kidney Center from 2013 until now 


Administrative and other functions:

Head of dialysis department at Zahra Hospital from 1990 till 1992.

Head of the nephrology department at Zahra Hospital from 1992 till 1994.

Director of Medical Services Department at Zahra Hospital from 2000 till 2004.

Member of the Administrative Committee of Zahra Hospital from 2003 till 2005.

Director General of Zahra Hospital from 2006 until 2009.

Director of the Office of Quality Assurance and Patient Safety at Zawiya Hospital from 2009 until 2012.

General Supervisor of the Council of Medical Specialties at:

Zahra Hospital from 2007 until 2009.

Zawia Hospital from 2009 until now.

President of the Libyan Society of Nephrology from 2004 until 2007.

Director of International Cooperation Dept. of Libyan Council of Medical Specialties from 2009 until 2011.

Director of Medical Skills Center of Libyan Council of Medical Specialties from 2010 to 2011.

Chairman of the Tender Committee (37), Medical Supply Agency 2009

Chairman of the scientific committee at Zawia hospital from 2010 to 2011.

Chairman of the staffing committee at Zawia Hospital 2010.

Chairman of the National Committee for dialysis and renal services supply 2012.

Director of Human Resources Department at the Ministry of Health from 2012 till 2013.

Director in charge of the Department of Medical Services of MOH from 2012 till 2013.

Advisor for the Local Council of Zawia 2012 till now

Director General of Azzawiyah Kidney Center 2014 until now

Member of the consultant in several technical and scientific committees.


Scientific activities:


1. Transplant Proc. 2004 Jul-Aug;36(6):1805-11.

The new rHuEPO alpha (epotin) in the management of anemia of end-stage renal

disease in patients on maintenance hemodialysis.

Abbas EE(1), Afioni N, Al Wakeel J, Bakr MA, Dham R, Donia A, Droubi N, Khidir E, Mathew CM, Mitwali AH, Naga S, Pingle A, Rashed A, Roshdy A, Shaheen F, Shaibani B, Shaibani FM, Shaker DS, Sheiban A, Solieman M.


2. Transplant Proc. 2000 Sep;32(6):1367-8.

Homocysteine and lipid peroxidation products: important atherosclerosis risk

factors in renal allograft recipients?

Serafinowicz A(1), Kuku?a K, Cieciura T, Shaibani B, Baczkowska T, Soin J,

Sadowska A, Nowacka-Cieciura E, Lewandowska D, Rell K, Durlik M, Lao M.


3.  Transplant Proc.2000 Sep;32(6):1339-43

Effect of glucocorticoid-free immunosuppressive protocol on serum lipids in renal transplant patients.

Nowacka-Cieciura E1, Soluch L, Cieciura T, Lewandowska D, Durlik M, Shaibani B , Serafinowicz A, Szmidt J, Rowi?ski W, Lao M



1. EDTA Madrid- Spain 1999, free communication

Effect of dialysis membrane biocompatibility on management of acute kidney transplant rejection episode

2. 3rd Obstetric and Gynecology congress Benghazi 2001

Outcome of pregnancy in kidney transplant patients

3. 3rd Obstetric and Gynecology congress Benghazi 2001

Out-come of postpartum acute renal failure

4. , The 10th congress of ASNRT Alger 2008 Algiers, Algeria

 Anemia as a risk factor for CVD in renal patients

5. , Libyan Diabetes and Endocrine society congress, Benghazi, 2010

Pattern of referral of chronic renal patients; Three years single center study experience

6. 5th congress of Maghrebin of nephrology, Djerba Tunis 2014

Impact of late referral to nephrologist's care of renal patients and their management

Training career:

Lecturer to dialysis staff training course ,Sabha hospital 2013

Lecturer at nephrology scientific meeting, Surman, June 2017

Lecturer and trainer at AKI &CRRT for doctors' course, Benghazi, December 2017

Organizer and lecturer, at dialysis upgrade course, Az-zawiyah, December 2017

Chief trainer lecturer, at dialysis nurse diploma course, Az zawiyah Kidney Center 2017/2018

Founder and trainer for Diploma in Dialysis for doctors -Libya 2018/2019


Saad Mustafa Hussein Trainer Photo not available Phone Number : 0945059107    E-Mail :

Name : Saad Mustafa Hussein

-Graduate from Faculty of Medicine, Benghazi  in 1981

-Yugoslavian Board  of internal medicine, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia with the Title of Specialist in internal medicine in 1990.

- Diploma in ultrasonography, University of Zagreb in 1990

- From 1991 – 1996  Worked as consultant physician in General Medicine.

- Joined Nephrology Center, Benghazi as Consultant Physician/Nephrologist  in       1997 untill the current date.

- Appointed as staff member at school of Medicine, Benghazi University until the current time.

-Currently work as:

   - Consultant nephrologist at Benghazi Nephrology Center

   - Associate Professor of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Benghazi.

Research Papers:

1- Pancytopenia-induced by combination of Bactrim and Azathioprin

2- Retrospective study on 55 case with ESRD followed by echocardiography.

3- Follow up study of renal transplant patient in Eastern part of Libya

4- Prevalence and morbidity of severe secondary hyperparathyroidism in hemodialysis patients.

5- Prospective study on the incidence of contrast-induced Nephropathy in patients undergoing coronary angiography


Ali Lahresh Trainer Photo not available Phone Number : 092 477539    E-Mail :

Personal Data:


Name:                  Ali Abdulhamid M. Al Ahrash

Date of Birth:       12.08.1968, Zawia - Libya.

Tel. & Fax:           023 3150712

Mobile:                 092 4775392

P.O.Box:              16133, Zawia – Libya.





MBBCH - 1993,             Tripoli University, Tripoli - Libya.


ISN fellow - 2003,          Sheffield Kidney Institute, Sheffield - UK.


PhD - 2007,                    Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf - Germany.


MD - 2008,                    German board of Internal Medicine and Nephrology, Düsseldorf - Germany.


Present post:


2009 till now                   Lecturer at Faculty of Medicine, Zawia University - Libya.

2010 till now                   visiting consultant at Zawia teaching Hospital Nephrology unite

2012 till now                   visiting consultant at Zawia kidney center transplantation clinic

2013 till now                  Editor Manager, Libyan Journal of medical research

2015 till now                  Head of quality control office, Faculty of medicine, Zawia University.


Past positions:

2008 – 2009                    Head of  Nephrology department at Misurata hospital


2009 – 2010                    Head of  Medical & Nephrology department at Zahra hospital


2009 -  2014                    visiting consultant at Sabrata, dialysis unite


2011 - 2012                     visiting consultant at Zwara, dialysis unite






Clinical Training:

1993-1994                      internship in many teaching hospitals Libya.


1994-1996                      SHO in the internal Medicine

                                        Tripoli central hospital - Libya.                                                     


1996-2000                      SHO in the Nephrology department

                                        Zahra kidney center - Libya.


Oct.2000-June2002        SHO (Rotation) in the internal Medicine in the  Libyan medical board.


2001                              First part Libyan medical board              


Training Abroad:


Sept. 2002- May 2003    ISN Fellowship

                                       Training physician in the Nephrology department

                                       University hospital/Sheffield Kidney Institute - England.


June 2004- June 2005      Training physician in the Nephrology department

          University hospital Düsseldorf - Germany. 


Sep. 2005- March 2007   Training physician in the internal medicine

                                            Johanniter hospital Bonn - Germany.


May 2007- Feb.2008      Training physician in the Nephrology department

                                         University hospital Bonn - Germany.


Academic activities:


1998 – 2001                   Lecturer at Zahra higher Institute for Nurses,

Zahra - Libya.


2009 -  2011                    Lecturer at Zahra higher Institute for Nurses,

Zahra - Libya.


2008 – 2009                    Lecturer at Faculty of Medicine, Misurata University, - Libya.


2009 till 2013                  Lecturer at the National Medical Research Center, Zawia - Libya.




Other activities:


  • Member of the establishing committee of the Libyan Society of Nephrology, 2001


  • Member of many scientific committees: at faculty of medicine, national medical research center, Nephrology committee of  M S O, Ministry of Health, Libya.


  • Co supervisor of many Master projects at Libyan post graduate academy, Tripoli.


  • Member of the organizing committee of :


  • 1st Libyan congress of Nephrology 2000, Tripoli - Libya.
  • Workshop on Nephrology 2001, Tripoli - Libya.
  • 2nd Libyan congress of Nephrology 2002, Tripoli - Libya.
  • 7th African congress of Nephrology 2002, Cairo - Egypt.

Co-Founder and trainer for Diploma in Dialysis for doctors -Libya 2018/2019



Scientific papers:


  • Commercial transplantation; complications and challenges. 5th ASNRT congress, 1997, Lebanon.


  • Experience in living related kidney transplantation in Libya. 6th ASNRT congress, 2000, Marroc.


  • Ulcerative colitis post renal transplantation; case report. 7th ASNRT congress, 2002, Bahrain.


  • Infectious disease prevalence in Zawia area (Libya). 5th congress of the Libyan medical sciences, 2002, Libya.
  • Long term outcome of the commercial renal transplantation. 35th congress of nephrology, 2005, Germany.


  • Kaposi sarcoma post transplantation; reported cases. 35th congress of nephrology, 2005, Germany.


  • Ten years post transplantation outcome; A comparative study between emotionally motivated and commercial renal transplantation in two different centres. XLIII ERA-EDTA congress, 2006, UK.


  • The nature of kidney diseases in Misurata area. 6th congress of the Libyan medical sciences, 2009, Libya.


  • Ibuprofen as a cause of life threatening Angioedema, Journal of Libyan medical research, 2014.


Past Membership:


  • International Society of Nephrology (ISN)
  • African society of Nephrology (AFRAN)
  • European Renal Association (ERA-EDTA)
  • Libyan Society of Nephrology (LSN)
  • Arab Society of Nephrology & Renal Transplantation (ASNRT) 



English and German   

Khairi Ayad Trainer Photo not available Phone Number : 0926953073    E-Mail :

Name:              KHIARI SHABAN ALI AYAD

Sex:                  Male

Date of birth:  07-03-1972   Zawia Libya

Nationality    : Libyan

Marital status: Married + 3 children

Passport No   : LL3HYK9F

Address          : Zawia – Libya,             E-mail

                                                       Tel: 00218913163543

Languages: English (writing and speaking),


Education background:

  • Secondary school: Zawia Attanawia School 1989-1990

 Zawia- Libya


  • Academic Qualification:


  • August 1997 M. B.CH.B          Tripoli University  Tripoli- Libya
  • April 2009 MSc Dialysis            Perugia University  Perugia- Italy


Employment Record:


  • 15 august 1997 to 15 August 1998

Internship training in General Medicine,  Surgery and branches, Pediatrics ,Gynecology and obstetrics, Family Medicine ,Elective at Anesthesia department.


  • 15 August 1998 – 30 December 1998

House officer Rheumatology Unit Tripoli Medical Center- Tripoli Libya


  • Jan 1999 – Dec 2000

House Officer Emergency Department Zahra Kidney Center Zahra –Libya


  • Jan 2001 - Dec 2002

Senior House Officer Nephrology Department  Zahra Kidney Center


  • Jan 2003 –Dec 2003

1st year training, Libyan Board Zawia Teaching Hospital Zawia – Libya


  • Jan 2004 – Dec 2006 Registrar  Intensive Care Unit Zahra Kidney Center

Zahra –Libya


  • Jan 2007 – Jan 2008

Senior Registrar Intensive Care Unit Zahra Kidney Center Zahra –Libya


  • May 2009 – jun 2012

 Head of nephrology department  Zawia Teaching Hospital  Zawia – Libya


  • July 2012 – feb 2014

General director of Az zawiyah Kidney Center


  • Mar 2014 – jan 2016

Assistant director, director of medical affairs  Az zawiyah Kidney Center


  • Feb 2016 – till present

Head of nephrology department Sabratha Teaching Hospital


  • Decmber  2009 – till present

Lecturer , medical department , faculty of medicine  , AZ-zawiyah University




  • Capable to manage and deal with all medical emergencies in intensive care unit and covering all jobs in  medical ward including rounds, treating and following up all medical cases and covering all hospital medical consultation. Capable to perform all related medical procedures.
  • Covering duties in Nephrology OPD and all nephrology inpatient rounds, consultation and follow up. Diagnosis and following most of renal disease and deal with most their complications.
  • Has good experience in managing cases of acute renal failure of different etiologies and treating with different modalities including continuous renal replacement therapy.
  • Good experience in managing patients with Chronic Renal Failure starting from putting different sites of intravenous central lines ,putting permanent dialysis catheter and dealing with all related medical problems with uremic and dialysis patients.
  • Experience in following kidney transplanted patients


Scientific Activity                                                           

-Participation and attending all nephrology meeting in Libya.

-ERA-EDTA meetings, Vienna 2001 and Barcelona 2007,Milano 2010,istanbull 2013

-Intensive course in peritoneal dialysis Dubai 2002

-The 4th ISN Update course in Nephrology Dubai 2007

-World conference of nephrology Milan 2009

-kidney week , Atlanta 2013

-Kidney week , San Francisco 2015

- lecturer dialysis nurse training course zawia teaching hospital 2013

- lecturer dialysis staff training course   Sabha hoital 2013

- lecturer  , chief trainer dialysis nurse diploma , Az zawiyah Kidney Center 2017

- lecturer , 1st nephrology scientific meeting , Sabratha ,march,2017                                                    - lecturer ,  nephrology scientific meeting , Surman  ,Jun 2017

- lecturer , trainer at AKI &CRRT for doctors  , Sabratha 0ctober  , 2017

- lecturer , trainer at AKI &CRRT for doctors  , Benghazi, December 2017

 -lecturer , dialysis upgrade course   , az-zawiyah ,December  2017

Co-Founder and trainer for Diploma in Dialysis for doctors -Libya 2018/2019



Medical Research:

-Acute Renal Failure

1st conference, Libyan society of Nephrology 2004

-Pregnancy in kidney transplants

2nd conference, Libyan society of Nephrology 2006

-Nutritional status and risk of death in maintenance hemodialysis patients can be assessed by means of electrical body impedance analysis

World conference of nephrology, Milan 2009.Italy

Elmukhtar M. Habas Trainer Photo not available Phone Number : 0913354127    E-Mail :

Personal data.

Name: Elmukhtar M. Ali Habas.

Date of birth: 01.12.1962.

Place of birth. Zawia, Libya.

Nationality: Libyan.

 Religion: Islam.

Social Status: Married.

Languages: Arabic, English and German.

Address: Khoushlaf, Tripoli Libya.




Undergradugate study:


Primary school                       

9.1968--- 6.1974                                 Zawia primary School                        Libya

9.1974--- 6.1977                                 Zawia Preparatory School                              Libya

9.1977--- 6.1980                                 Zawia High School                                                                 Libya.


University Study.


1.1980--- 2.1986 B. Medicine and surgery                                           Libya

                                                Tripoli  Medical College

3.1986--- 3.198           Internship in the University Hospital  in Tripoli  Libya


Medicine                                             4 months

Surgery                                                3 months

Paediatric                                            2 months

Gyneocology and Obstetric                2 Months

Community Medicine                                     1 Month




1.4.1987---30.3.1988                          House officer in Medical department

                                                Tripoli Central Hospital.


1.4.1988---30.3.1990                          Senior House officer Medical department

                                                Tripoli Central Hospital.


1.4.1990-30.12.1991               Medical ICU Medical department          Tripoli Central Hospital.


1.1.1992 – 30.5.1993              Senior Registrar Medical department      Tripoli Central Hospital.


15.06.1993—30.11.1993        English Language course in Nottingham University             U.K.


1.12.1993—1.12.1997                        Queen Medical Centre.    Nottingham University      U.K.


1.1.1998—30.12.2001.                       Consultant Physician Medical department    

TCH Tripoli-Libya, and teaching staff in the medical college


7.2.2002—30.10.2002                        Germany Language course in    Goethe institute Bonn - Germany                                                               

1.12.2002 – 30.5.2003                        General medical word clinic IV

Medical centre Koeln                                      Germany


1.6.2003-28.2.2004                             Haemodialysis clinic IV

Medical centre Koeln                                      Germany


1.3.2004 – 30.01.2007                        peritoneal dialysis, renal                                 Germany

                                                            transplant and renal disease

                                                            outpatient clinic

                                                            Medical centre cologne

1.4.2007 up to now                 consultant physician and consultant


Medical dep. Tripoli Central Hospital

Lecture in Medicine Department

Tripoli University

Co-Founder and trainer for Diploma in Dialysis for doctors -Libya 2018/2019



Scientific Degrees.


Bachelors Medicine                            Alfathe University Tripoli                               Libya

and general Surgery                            30.7.1987


PhD                                                     Nottigham University                                     U.K



Facharzt of internal medicine             24.03.2004                                                      Germany


Facharzt internal medicine                 24.11.2004                                                      Germany

And Nephrology                                


Doctor degree University Cologne                                                                Germany







  1. Elmukhtar Habas and I. A. Macdonald" Metabolic and cardiovascular responses to liquid and solid test meals. British Journal of Nutrition (1998), 79, 24247.
  2. Ali Lahresh, M. Habas, K. Ivens, B. Grabensee Ten years post transplantation outcome; comparative study between emotionally motivated and commercial renal transplantation in two different centres. SP770. July 16, 2006 Transplantation clinical 1 iv275.

Transplantation clinical. Nephrology, Zahra Kidney Center, Tripoli, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya; Internal Medicine, Tripoli Central, Hospital, Tripoli, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya; Nephrology, Duesseldorf University Hospital, Duesseldorf, Germany.


  1. Amnna Rayani; Udo Bode; Elmukhtar Habas; Gudrun Fleischhack; Steffen Engelhart; Martin Exner; Oliver Schildgen; Gabi Bierbaum; Anna Maria Eis-Hübinger; Arne Simon.  Rotavirus infections in paediatric oncology patients: A matched-pairs analysis.  Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 1502-7708, Volume 42, Issue 1, 2007, Pages 81 – 87.


  1. Zohra Almagrpy, Amnna Rayani1, Elmukhtar Habas, Amel Shah, Elhadi H. Aburawi.  Congenital Heart Diseases in Libyan children with Down syndrome. Oral presentation. 7th pediatric congress 21-23 2009 at Garian


  1. KammajA., Jornaz J., Habas El., Aboshawashi A., Turkie Z., Saadi M. Thrombocytopenia in patients with hepatitis Band C.  The Libyan journal of Infectious disease vol 4. No 1 2010.


  1. Habas M., Khammaj A., Rayani A. Prevalence of Hepatitis B and C in Subjects Screened in Tripoli. Magrabin und Algrie Hematology and Oncology congress and accepted in  The Libyan journal of Infectious disease and under final corrections.


  1. Shabash A A., Habas M., Fara A., Daw A. Epidemological analysis of potential risk factors contributing to infection of HBV, HCV among the population in Tripoli area, Libya (Abstract number: P1120  Abstracts 20th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID)  Vienna, Austria, 10 - 13 April 2010.


  1. Khammaj A.1, Habas M..1,Rayani A.2  Trends of hepatitis B, C and HIV viruses among blood donors in Tripoli region over 4 years. . Oral Presentation in Lebanon at Infectious Lebanon committee congress Beirut 2009.


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  1. Azzabi  Masoud, Habas  Elmukhtar, Zantuti Jalal., Kamag  Abdulatif., Elgermie Najah, Farfar Kalifa. Organophosphorous poisoning; its sequences to the community. Primary care congress 2010.  18-21 March 2010  Sungate Rixos Hotel- Antalya, Turkiye Oral presentation 18 -P13.


  1. Habas El., M., Khamaj A., Rayani A. Azathioprine and mycophenolate haematological side effects in kidney transplant. " (Ref. 583) submitted for presentation to the 12th Congress of the Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation has been accepted as : Electronic Poster.



  1. A. Shabash, M. Habas, A. Alhajrasi, A. Furarah, A. Bouzedi, M. Daw (Tripoli, LY). Forecast modelling for prediction of hepatitis B and hepatitis C seropositivity among Libyan population P1120  Abstracts 20th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID)  Vienna, Austria, 10 - 13 April 2010.


  1. Salah Elamine, Elmukhtar Habas, Abdulatif Khammaj, Ali Tumi, Abdulfateh Elfaturie, Mohamed Abubaker. Endoscopic finding in subjects presented with hematesis and melania. Abstract in gastroenterology and hepatology congress, Thatelmad Tripoli Libya. 1st  -3rd Oct 2010.


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SABAH M. .ALBARASI Trainer Photo not available Phone Number : 0613983971    E-Mail :


1999 M.B.CH   AL ARAB Medical university faculty of medicine BENGHAZI

2003 1st part of Arab board

2005 Arab board degree in internal medicine

2007 MRCP degree in internal medicine

Work and posts

2003 joined work at 7th oct – hospital Hemodialysis unit 

2005 become consultant physician in internal medicine

2007 worked in nephrology center –Benghazi

2008 till now appointed as staff member of medicine /Benghazi university until now

2009-2010 worked in BMC /Benghazi worked  CRRT& PLASMA Exchange  in CCU & ICU and surgical ICU

2011 become head of training & development in nephrology center / Benghazi 

2016 posted as head of HD in nephrology center/ Benghazi

2016- joined teaching staff in AJDABIA Hospital & NEHRO- unit

2017 appointed head of admission ward /Nehro-center/Benghazi until now



Activity :-

Treat and follow-up HD patients and Kidney transplant patients with Hepatitis (HCV&HBV)

 Founder of the 1st team of CRRT doctors & nurse working in all Benghazi hospital

Done more than 300 session of plasma exchange since 2003 till now

Scientific activity:

Participated & contributed in  some research paper

1-prevelance of HCV genotype in EAST LIBYA with prof: Nasser Zouki

2-prevelance of HCV IN HD patient s

3-mascloskeletal manifestation of chronic renal failure with Dr.fathia Ehmoda  prof: Mohammed Abdulsalam

4- prevelance of CAN in kidney transplant patients with Dr. Mohammed Osama

5-prevelance of UTI among kidney transplantation in Libya with Dr. Saad Mustafa, Dr. Saad Dawod

6-prevelance of Kaposi sarcoma in kidney transplantation with dr. Saad Dawod

7- treatment of HCV IN HD patient with pegasys 135 in Benghazi with Dr. Ahmed .EL Hasi

Participation in several congress inland & abroad

Co-Founder and trainer for Diploma in Dialysis for doctors -Libya 2018/2019

SAAD DAWOD SAAD Trainer Photo not available Phone Number : 0925485596    E-Mail :

2017 to date  Dean of Faculty of Medicine -  Almarj (University Of Benghazi).

2005 to date  Consultant Nephrologist at Nephrology Center, Benghazi.

2003 to date  Teaching staff member, Faculty Of Medicine, University Of Benghazi.

1996 – 2003  Head of Department of Medicine and Dialysis unit, Almarj Central  Hospital.

1996  Specialization in Nephrology, University Of  Bratislava, Slovakia.

1993  Specialization in Internal Medicine, University Of  Bratislava, Slovakia.

1981  MBBS,  Faculty of Medicine -  University Of Benghazi.

Ibrahim Mohamed Elghadi Trainer Photo not available Phone Number : 0912112536    E-Mail :

Position: Head of B|Braun Services
Company: B|Braun Sharing Expertise
Position: Head of B|Braun Services Libya
? B|Braun Avitum
? B|Braun Dialysis Machine
? B|Braun Syringe Pumps & Infusion Pumps
? Application Training
? Service & Maintenance Training
Company: Electro Mechanic & Medical Equipment’s National Company
Position: Service Engineer
Laboratory Equipment’s
- Coulter Counter
- Organon International

SALMA MOHAMED ELAGEL Trainer Photo not available Phone Number : +218927219    E-Mail :

Career summary

  • Career: Internal Medicine Physician
  • Registered Libyan General Medical Council  Number : 4003 
  • Passed MBBCh - Tripoli University, Tripoli in Jan 2006
  • Passed TOEFL in Aug 2009.
  • Passed TSE (Test of Spoken English) in Aug 2009.
  • A holder of master of internal medicine degree from University of Malaya 2014.
  • A member of Medical Royal College of Physician of Ireland (MRCPI) 2017
  • Assistant clinical instructor, clinical and academic tutor in medical department teaching program for medical students from Alfateh (Tripoli) University-Faculty of Medicine 2008-2010
  • Internal medicine lecturer at Management and Science University (MSU) from April 2015 to April 2018.
  • Internal Medicine specialist at Nephrology department. Tripoli university hospital
  • Able to speak in Arabic, English and Malaysian languages.


Professional Qualifications

  • Jan 2006                MBBCh (Alfateh(Tripoli) University, Faculty of Medicine, Libya
  • Oct 2008               Libyan board examination in internal medicine part 1
  • Dec 2008              Arab board examination in internal medicine part 1 
  • Nov 2011              Part one MMED (Master of Internal Medicine).
  • Nov 2013              Part two MMED (Master of Internal Medicine)
  • Nov 2014              Part three MMED (Dissertation).
  • April 2017             Medical Royal College of Physician (MRCPI) exam 2016.


Academic Achievements and Prizes

1999   Degree of Excellence in High School Education. Almajd School.,Tripoli- Libya

2014    John Bosco’ prize for best master student. University of Malaya.



Previous Appointments

Nov 2018 till date

Specialist at nephrology unit. Tripoli university hospital

Apr 2015- Apr 2018

A lecturer at management and science university (MSU)

Dec2013_Nov 2014

Medical Registrar at University of Malaya Medical Centre (Prof Sanjiv Mahadeva)

Jun 2010_ Nov 2013

Medical Officer in different Medical subspecialties at University of Malaya Medical Centre. (Prof Sanjiv Mahadeva )

Oct 2009 –  Jan 2010

(3 months)

 SHO basic medical & intensive care rotation, Medical department and ICU, Tripoli Medical Centre   (Prof. M. Frandah )

Apr 2008 – Oct 2009

(18 months)

SHO in general and Respiratory medicine (medical department, Respiratory unit) Tripoli Medical Centre (Dr. I.Shamli)

Jan 2008- Jan 2010

(24 months)

Assistant clinical instructor, clinical and academic tutor in medical department teaching program for medical students from Alfateh (Tripoli) University-Faculty of Medicine. (Prof. M. Frandah)

Apr 2007 – Apr 2008 (12 months)

SHO in General Medicine, Medical department, Tripoli Medical Centre

( Prof. M Soussi)

Apr 2006– Apr 2007 (12 months)         

HO in Alfateh (Tripoli) University attached hospitals



Research Experience and publication

  • Estimating renal function in the elderly Malaysian attending medical outpatient clinic: a comparison between creatinine –based and Cystatin –C based equations. International Journal of Nephrology. 10.1155/2018/3081518
  • I have been involved in study concerning patients admitted in acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma focusing on assessment of asthma control and severity among smokers and non-smokers at Tripoli Medical Centre.
  • I am involved in another research regarding the clinical course and outcome of patients admitted with acute exacerbation of COPD in Respiratory Unit at Tripoli Medical Centre.
  • I conducted a study during my final year of master of internal medicine as requirement of the master program under title: Estimating Renal Function in Elderly Malaysian patients in UMMC: A Comparison of Creatinine - based and Cystatin C - based Formulae.
  • During internship period I was actively involved in a community research project under supervision of Dr. N. Burshan at Alfateh (Tripoli) University under title: Incidence of Anaemia among Pregnant Libyan Women.


Teaching Experience

  • I had been regularly involved in clinical bedside teaching of medical students as they were attached to Medical department in Alfateh (Tripoli) university.
  • I participated in teaching program as an assistant clinical instructor and as clinical and academic tutor in medical department for training of medical students from Alfateh (Tripoli) University-Faculty of Medicine 
  • I participated in a regular house officer teaching program. As well as in continuous medical education program for medical officers during my master of internal medicine program at UMMC.
  • Clinical lecturer at management and science university (MSU) for three years (2015-2018) adopting 21st century learning methods (Problem- based approach).